Im updating my "about box" because the main purpose of my tumblr blog is to express how i feel about myself and showing the world my faith in Christ. I still do personal post, but it i mainly want to show who i really am.
Since my little sister gave me the "One Direction Infection" i will posting a lot stuff about 1D. And you will see a lot of fashion related posts too, so be prepared if you follow me. My blog is about sharing my relationship with Christ, fashion, and One Direction.
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Sometimes people have a hard time understanding what a happy relationship between two people who obvs think the other is awesome looks like.

We think this is one great (and holy bananas, so freaking hilarious) example.

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Stages Of A Relationship


Relationships tend to move from one stage to the next without us being aware of it. One minute you’re nervous and excited to see the other person and before you know it you’re acting like an old married couple. Here are the stages of a relationship:


1.    Courtship. This is the wooing stage where you try to win each other’s affections and are trying to impress each other. You aren’t officially a couple yet and you’re both determining whether or not you like each other. The courtship phase is fun and exciting but can also be stressful and nerve-wracking as you try to impress each other and aren’t secure in knowing the other’s feelings towards you.

2.    Honeymoon. The honeymoon phase takes place when you’ve settled into a relationship and have the comfort in knowing that you both like each other and want to be together, but it’s still early enough that you’re having fun and enjoying every moment together.

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This episode gets all of the awards.  Every last one.

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